About Smith St Paleo

Hello, my name is Holly and I’m the founder of Smith St Paleo and Smith St Café in Dubai Studio City.

Why paleo?

I moved to Dubai from Australia back in 2003 to work as cabin crew for a major airline. I loved the job and all the travel, but after a while, the lifestyle takes a toll on your well-being. Between the broken sleep patterns, the constant swelling, and the effect it was having on my circulation it all led to my health feeling compromised. So while there were factors I could not control, there was plenty that I could, and that’s when I looked to my diet. I started doing my research and study and tweaking the way I cooked and ate. When a lot of the negative side effects from work lessened and some even disappeared after cutting out grains, gluten, and dairy, I knew I was on the right track and began embracing the paleo way. I began creating my own recipes that fit the bill both nutrition and flavor-wise which I’ve shared many of them here.

What’s not to like? You get to eat an abundance of awesome food, your digestion works insanely well, you sleep better, your mind is clearer, and you have a tonne of energy…it’s a no-brainer. I wanted to be able to share all I’d learned with others so they could feel awesome too, and so Smith St Paleo was born.

We started with raw snacks, then introduced our meal plans in 2015, we rolled out our make-at-home mixes soon after, and then proudly opened our doors to Smith St Cafe in 2021.

We’re passionate about good food. We want you to feel amazing and pursue a lifestyle that’s nourished and healthy. We want our kids to grow up understanding food and having a good relationship with it, not counting calories or being addicted to sugar and highly processed junk.

Let us help you to learn to love the food that loves you back.

Holly Smith, Smith Street Paleo owner