The Paleo Way

The Paleo way is based on the premise of eating how our ancestors ate. It’s a simple case of design. Our bodies are not designed to digest the highly processed, sugar-laden, grain-heavy diet that we see today. The Paleo framework is all about paring the way you eat back to our dietary beginnings.

The idea behind Paleo is to eat nutritionally dense foods. Food that is good for you, food that’s going to nourish you, and food that is anti-inflammatory. So, it’s less of the caveman talk and more about side-stepping the crap that wreaks havoc on our immune, digestive and metabolic systems. It’s about embracing the consumption of natural, clean produce that leads to optimal health and well-being.

The Paleo Way


  • fish and seafood – line caught, sustainable
  • meat – grass fed and pasture raised
  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • nuts and seeds – peanuts aren’t nuts p.s.
  • healthy fats and oils – eg. coconut, lard, tallow, extra virgin olive oil


  • grains – all of them including corn and soy
  • legumes – such as lentils, chickpeas, beans
  • dairy
  • processed food
  • refined sugars
  • hydrogenated/refined oils – vegetable oils, canola

We Added a ‘NOT SO PALEO’ Option

Despite the rumours, a paleo lifestyle is not a low-carb diet. We believe a moderate carb intake is necessary for energy, performance and overall good health.

Grains are generally eliminated from the Paleo diet, not because of their carbohydrate content, but because they contain some anti-nutrients and gut irritants that can affect our digestive health. These anti-nutrients are called phytates or phytic acids, which can bind to important minerals, rendering them unavailable for absorption in your digestive tract, which means your body can be missing out on important goodies like iron, calcium and zinc.

These anti-nutrients are found in the outer brown layer of the rice grain (the bran and the germ), so once removed the white rice inside is relatively phytate-free, gluten-free, auto-immune friendly, and an easily digested form of energy.

So while adding white rice might not be for the paleo purists, at Smith Street we want to be able to create a meal plan that offers you some choice and flexibility, while keeping you nourished, satisfied and able to reach your goals.