Frequently Asked Questions


How many days a week do I get food?

We operate Monday to Friday and trust you to make good choices on the weekend when we give you a bit of freedom. However if you want food for the weekend also we can arrange this (with an extra charge) just ask us.

What do I get?

On the regular plan we will send you breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack Monday to Friday. Please check our meal plans to see what you get with each option.

How do I order?

You simply just contact us and we will send you an order form and arrange everything from there.

What are my choices?

On the order form you will see the meal options for the various dates. Visit our Weekly Menu Page for the latest choices. You need to stick to the choices displayed in the order form for particular days.

When do I order?

We need to receive your order by 9am Wednesday morning for deliveries for the coming week to be able to guarantee your meal choices. If you start a plan with us midweek, we will do our best to ensure you get your meal choice but cannot guarantee it.

When will I get my food?

You can either collect you meals from InnerFight on a daily basis or we can deliver to you every second day.

How does my food arrive?

All of your food will arrive or be collected in a Smith St Paleo cooler bag. An initial deposit of AED 200 is payable for the bags and your fresh food will only be handed over in a new cooler bag in return for the previous days bag. All of the food is packed in your bag in individual meal boxes that where needed can be heated in a microwave.

Can I change my ingredients?

In a word no. Our meals are prepared as whole meals so single ingredients cannot be added or removed.

Can I change the choice of one day for another?

Also no! (Sorry we are mean aren’t we) You need to pick from the meal options displayed for that day. All meals have a 3 day shelf life so you do not have to consume them on the same day, so technically you have a bit of flexibility.

What are the macros?

We are not super stressed about counting these but we do appreciate a lot of people are. As a rough guide a days worth of Smith St Paleo food will serve up close to 1600- 1800 calories. For more nutritional information visit our meal choices page.

What if I want more food?

We understand that some of you have bigger appetites than others so if our standard issue of breakfast lunch, dinner and snack is not enough just ask us about adding extra meals to your cooler bag and we will let you know how that works.

How do I pay?

  • Payment can be made by cash or credit card at InnerFight in Dubai or by online transfer.
  • All plans must be paid for prior to commencement of deliveries.
  • Your AED 200 for the bags is refundable at the end of the plan if the bags are returned in good condition.

Contact Us

For any questions or concerns regarding your meal plans or delivery, you can contact us by completing our Let Us Call You Form or just call us direct on +971 4 585 1138