Our amazing team at Smith St Cafe are incredibly passionate about coffee and we take the time and care needed to ensure we serve an awesome experience in every cup.

We have confidently teamed with Three Coffee Roasters who provide us with high quality, sustainably sourced beans from across the globe. Our ever-popular house blend ‘Jolly Roger’ is used for our extensive black and white espresso brews, while we favour single origin beans for our pour-over offerings.

Whether your Smith St coffee comes to you as an early morning take-away, or you’re relaxing in our ambient home with a V60 you can be assured that we are dedicated to delivering you an epic specialty coffee every single time.


Perhaps you’ve heard someone order a pour over brew at the cafe or have spotted the fancy looking apparatus used by our experienced baristas and wanted to know what it was or if you needed it in your caffeinated life? Well here’s a little guide to help you out…

The pour over method involves pouring hot water over coffee grounds in a filter. What sets it apart is the water is hand-poured, so it may also be called hand brewed or manual brewed coffee. At Smith St Cafe we offer Chemex, V60 and Aeropress.

The CHEMEX is a fancy pants hourglass-shaped vessel with a wooden collar. It offers up a very smooth tasting, sediment-free coffee. The paper filter used is thicker than the V60. This is to capture impurities and oils from the grounds, therefore creating that signature clean flavour. Because of the thicker filter, the water has more time to mix with the grounds before passing through, therefore a slightly courser grind size is used. The circular pour of the water and the speed at which it is poured are both factors in the resulting flavour, however the CHEMEX can be a little more forgiving on this than the V60. The CHEMEX produces a bright, smooth cup of coffee with reduced bitterness compared to a regular espresso brew.

The Hario V60 device is placed directly over your coffee cup or V60 server to capture the brew. It has the same V-shape top as the CHEMEX where the filter and grounds are placed, however in comparison to the CHEMEX, the filter is finer, making the brew faster, therefore the grind size of the beans should be less course to compensate for these factors. The design of the V60 with its angled ridges works in tandem with gravity to impede the water flow just enough to maximise effectiveness while avoiding over-extraction. The resulting coffee is a clean, flavourful coffee with a smooth mouthfeel.

The aeropress consists of a cylindrical chamber with a plunger and an airtight seal. Coffee grounds are placed inside and steeped with hot water, then forced through a paper filter by pushing the plunger through the chamber. This is the faster of the three methods, with the brew taking less than a minute, and creates a mild (not weak) and rounded coffee, but with a stronger flavour than the CHEMEX and V60.