So a couple of weeks ago I wrote about the love I have for my SPIRALISER and how it can get you trying different veggies. Some of you were like, “umm, what the hell is Daikon?” So here’s a little list of things to try and what they’re good for…

  • ZUCCHINI – this is an obvious choice because they are soft and mild in flavour. You can eat these raw or cooked. When I’m using these as a “pasta” I use them raw, because cooking them releases too much liquid. I also like to use them as “noodles” in soup.
  • SWEET POTATO – these you need to cook, but they are nice and sturdy and don’t break down to mush. I love using these with Asian flavours Honey Sesame Chicken Noodles or in Laksa.
  • CUCUMBER/CARROT/DAIKON- make awesome fresh salads that pair nicely with fish or bulk out your poke bowl. Daikon (Asian radish) is large & long so ideal for spiralising and absorbs loads of flavour so is nice in ramen or pho.
  • BROCCOLI – this one makes me feel like I’m winning at life! After I use the florets, I save the fat stems and use them as noodles. No waste!
  • KOHLRABI – one of those weird looking veg that you probably walk past all the time, but he’s a good dude and worth a look in. Nice and crunchy, kind of across between broccoli/cucumber in flavour, nice as slaw and noodle bowls.
  • SWEDE – also known as rutabaga. This guy is cheap, mild in flavour & really sturdy so good for loads of dishes.
    You can also make “rice” out of loads of different veg. Just put the spirals into your food processor and pulse! Easy peasy! You can also bag up noodles/rice and keep in fridge for a few days, and a lot of prepped veg freezes well.