Nice Melons

Picking melons at the store can be a bit hit and miss, but here’s a little guide I follow to try to make more hits than misses….

When picking a WATERMELON:

  • pick it up, it should feel heavy for its size.
  •  look for a buttery yellow spot on one side. This is where it sat to ripen in the sun. A white spot means it hasn’t ripened enough, a dark yellow might mean its overripe.

When picking a ROCKMELON:

  •  check the stem. If theres still one there it means it was picked before it had ripened. It should have a small indent which means it came away from the vine easily, meaning it had been given time to mature before picking.
  •  smell it. If you can smell its sweetness, you should be quids in.

When picking a HONEYDEW:

  • the skin should be pale yellow. Any green means its underripe.
  •  like watermelon, it should also feel heavy for its size.
  • also give it a whiff near the stem end. Smell’s sweet? You’re good to go.