One of my fave cooking items I own is my cast iron pan. I can hear you guys now “but they’re so heavy”. Well, lets build those biceps Susan, because this pan belongs in your kitchen.
Some pans are like women’s shampoo – only for medium blonde colouring, chemically treated, frizzy when the wind is blowing from the east, of Scandinavian descent hair. One pan, one job.
Your cast iron pan is like men’s shampoo – 937-in-1. It can sauté, fry, roast, bake, go from cooktop to oven, influencer, SoundCloud DJ, weapon. See? They’re the bomb.

VALUE – cast iron pans literally last a lifetime. They’re actually relatively cheap to buy too. And they’re super durable. You can basically chuck them in a fire and it wont hurt them, so if you’re a drunk camper, this pan is a must.

HEALTHIER – they aren’t coated in any chemicals or products that can potentially leach into your food. Yeah you might like that fancy pants pan, but I’d prefer my eggs with a side of bacon not Alzheimer’s thanks.

EASY TO LOOK AFTER – you can basically just wipe them out with paper towel. If you do need to clean it more than this, just a little soapy water and you can use whatever on it, you cant hurt it. Brush? Sure. Scourer? You bet. Then you just let it dry, and I like to wipe  a little oil in it before storing.

THE MORE YOU USE IT, THE BETTER IT GETS – when its heated, it actually becomes slightly porous, absorbing fats and oils your cooking with. This not only seasons the pan, but makes it even more non-stick with use.I find because of how they conduct heat, they cook food really evenly. My favourite thing is searing meat on the cooktop, then sticking the whole pan in the oven to let the meat cook through. This keeps everything super juicy. Frittatas are also a winner, you can fry off the veg, add the eggs and chuck it in the oven. Less washing up! Perfecto.