Going somewhere for the Christmas season? Holidays are fun, but you know what isn’t? Airport and aeroplane food, regardless of the cabin you’re sitting in. A little bit of organisation and you can start your trip on the right note, your guts will thank you for it…

BREAKFAST BEFORE YOU GO – yeah, I know a lot of flights leave early, but thats no excuse to get to the airport starving and shovelling in a couple of Paul’s croissants as you leg it to your gate. Mix a chia pot before you hit the hay, then you’ve got brekky waiting in the fridge.
KALE SALADS – a kale based salad is my go-to onboard lunch. Because its dense and hardy, it doesn’t wilt easily like other greens, and can be pre-dressed so you get around the whole liquid palaver. Try my (add a link to recipe KALE & BRUSSELS SPROUT SALAD) with some shredded chicken mixed in.
SMART SNACKS – so you might be peckish or you might be bored, either way its better to have something healthy on hand so you don’t take up the cabin crew offerings of chips, biscuits or chocolates. Veggie sticks, nuts and seeds, Smith St Paleo snacks and protein shakes all travel well.
BUY YOUR OWN WATER – don’t be an idiot and let yourself get dehydrated, then feel like total crap when you arrive. Yeah, the crew hand out H2O, but not nearly enough, so suck it up and pay for a couple of bottles to take onboard.