Big ups to everyone whose shown their support of our little cafe home and chosen to get their caffeine fix with us. Dead set legends. Now while I know most of us like a good cup o’ Joe and we know what we like, here’s a little run down in case you feel all rebellious one morning and want to stray from your usual order.

LONG BLACK – IMO superior to an Americano. The espresso is poured over the water creating crema, uses less water and a double shot of espresso.
AMERICANO – hot water poured over a single espresso shot, which in turn dissolves the crema. It’s also has a less strong coffee taste, so up to you boo.
ESPRESSO – there is no ‘X’ in it and it’s just a straight up shot or 2 of the good stuff.
RISTRETTO – a more concentrated espresso. It’s cut off during the pour before it starts to blonde, therefore making it less diluted with water. Recommended before hitting a ‘Fran‘ workout.
CORTADO – ola! Say hello to my little Spanish friend. This is a shot of espresso topped with an equal amount of milk and a wee bit of foam. I don’t do milk, so I like to knock this up with some coconut milk and I 10/10 recommend.
MAGIC – the famous Melbourne coffee. It’s steamed milk poured over a double ristretto, served in a smaller cup for that chefs kiss ratio of coffee to milk.
PICCOLO – cute name for a cute little coffee. It’s a shot of ristretto topped with warm milk.
FLAT WHITE – a.k.a. Australia’s favourite coffee. Guess we’re just trying to support the dairy farmers. This is 1-2 espresso shots topped with steamed milk and a teensy layer of micro foam. Less milk than a latte with a stronger coffee flavour.
LATTE – again espresso topped with steamed milk, but with an added cm of foam. You know, for coffee art.
CAPPUCCINO – my old flat mate used to pronounce it cup-of-cino. I no longer talk to her. Again, this is espresso topped with steamed milk and topped with a big f-off layer of microfoam, although the foam dome is getting smaller these days so looks less retro.

We also do a selection of iced coffees, teas and hot choccys so there’s something for everyone!