This dude Calcium, well he’s quite a big deal. You not only need this guy around for good bone health, he also gets involved in hormone secretion, muscle contraction, optimising nerve signalling, regulating blood pressure and helps prevent insulin resistance. The recommended daily dose of calcium is 1000mg, and 1200mg for women over 50. For years we were all under the illusion that calcium was basically from cow booby juice and not much else. So here’s a lil ol’ list of some Paleo-friendly calcium rich foods you can get stuck into…

  • CHIA SEEDS – 233mg in 3 tablespoons (basically the same as 1 cup of milk)
  • KALE – 245mg in 1 cup (more than milk)
  • COLLARD GREENS – 268mg per 1 cup (getting my drift?)
  • FLAXSEEDS – 256mg in 1 cup
  • SARDINES – 217mg per 55g
  • BROCCOLI – 93mg per 1.5 cups
  • SESAME SEEDS – 88mg in 1 tablespoon
  • BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES – 172mg in 1 tablespoon
  • ALMONDS – 76mg in 25g
  • OKRA – 82mg in 1 cup
  • FIGS – 121mg in 0.5 cup dried
  • SEAWEED – 126mg in 1 cup
  • ORANGES – 74mg in 1 orange