Paleo Multi-Seed Bread Mix

By now I’m hoping you guys have all tried our Paleo Multi-Seed Bread Mix. It’s a pantry must-have for when that bread craving hits. It’s packed with nuts and seeds and super filling. All you need to add is the wet ingredients, simple!

– no Bread-Maker required! Just a run-of-the-mill loaf tin. I’ve also seen smart people use a muffin tin to make dinner rolls, just adjust baking time accordingly.
– no kneading, well, needed…its as simple as stirring together the mix with the wet ingredients.
– don’t have coconut oil in their cupboard? Don’t worry extra virgin olive oil will work just fine.
– don’t have apple cider vinegar? Any vinegar will do.
– cant finish the whole loaf? It freezes like a champ. I’ve even sliced it into 2-slice serves and it works a treat.
– yes it toasts
– got a little leftover? Make croutons to top your soups and salads.
– dip it in egg and pan fry for yummy French toast.
– oh, and a final little note, sometimes the sunflower seeds go bright green while baking. It’s a natural reaction of the chlorophyll acid in the seeds mixed with the baking powder/soda then being heated and cooled, so no need to freak out!