So we’ve all heard by now how fermented food is good for your gut health, but not all kraut is created equally. Here’s some important points you need to look for in your ferments…

  1. THE GOOD STUFF IS KEPT IN THE FRIDGE – sauerkraut is alive and well and will continue to ferment past its prime unless kept at a stable temperature, so the best stuff is found in the refrigerator section. The stuff on the shelf can still be delicious, but will contain none of the mighty microbes you’re looking for from a health perspective.
  2. THE GOOD STUFF ISN’T PASTEURISED – while pasteurisation is important for the preservation of foods, it’s not good for sauerkraut/kimchi as the heating process kills off all the live bacteria and beneficial microbes created in the lacto-fermetation process that are helpful to your digestion.
  3. THE GOOD STUFF CONTAINS ONLY THIS – basically cabbage and salt. A few other veggies like carrot and beets, or flavourings such as garlic, ginger, chilli and spices are also grand. Starter culture is also fine, but you shouldn’t see on the list vinegar or weird shit like sodium benzoate, these are used as unnecessary preservatives that well-made kraut doesn’t need. Sugar is also totes not needed, so give that a swerve.